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Cookies are vital for the proper running of any site. We also make use of cookies in Loan Fast Now. Cookies store information about your account, preferences, website usage and your online browsing habits. One should read the cookie policy before browsing through the website. Any further browsing will be considered as your acceptance to the cookie policy.

Cookies are simple text files. They are needed to help navigate automatic logins, password authentication, shopping cart functions, personal preference settings and a variety of other functions. Cookies make these functions smooth and hassle-free to the user. Cookies enhance your browsing experience. Without cookies, you would have to reenter all of your information every time you revisited a site. A cookie will simply remember your information on the website to save your time.

There is different kind of cookies that works on every browser. The two main kinds of cookies are session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are temporary in nature and get deleted once you exit the browser. They are specifically used when you do online banking or online purchases. Whereas, persistent cookies are of a permanent nature and stays even after you close the browser.

There are other cookies too, like first party and third party cookies. First party cookies are set by the domain and only work when you go back to the same site. Third party cookies are set by someone other than the owner. The other person could be agencies that place desirable adverts on your site. Functionality cookies provide personalized online experience. On the other hand, to deliver targeted advertisements, advertising cookies are utilized.

If the cookie policy for this site is not acceptable, you can change the setting of the website accordingly. But as you disable the cookies you might experience some problem in the usage of this site. Cookies are important for the proper working of the websites.

Cookies can be modified and deleted according to the preferences of the users. Some of our services at Loan Fast Now require some compulsory cookies to save your personal details with us. So in order to keep enjoying the services of our site, you need to abide by the cookie policy.

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