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The services of our sites are extended only to the citizens of Australia who are above the age of 18 years. They must have a reliable source of income with minimum salary of A$1000 and an active bank account with the facility of direct deposits. If all the conditions turn out to be in your favor, you will most probably get approved for the loan. This site is not appropriate for the users outside our fixed locations.

Our content gives a general idea of fast loans. The information that we display on our site is gathered through a reliable source. But we can't guarantee the data to be completely accurate and complete. The content is always prone to changes and can be quiet fluctuating at times. Also there is no assurance that our financial advice will be fruitful in your situation. The content is not for official use or republishing but it can be used for personal purpose.

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We at Loans Fast Now provide free service to our customers. We connect you to different lending companies that can match your monetary requirements. The lender solely decides on your loan request and we in no way can influence it. We match you with the lender's that can provide you an amount up to A$1000. If in case you suffer any loss because of your loan deal, we in no way are accountable for it.

We provide 24 hour online service to our customers. But at times our site may not be accessible during certain hours of the day. Our site is subjected to changes and can withdraw its services without any prior notice. We can restrict the site usage for many private reasons.

At Loans Fast Now we take immediate steps to ensure the accuracy, availability and completeness of the content on the website. On the other side we are not responsible for how the information on the site is used. You can use the content present on the website at your own risk.

We may revise the terms of the website without any prior notification. You have to keep a check on the website in order to stay updated. For any further queries you can contact us at Loan Fast Now.